[CLIO] Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil Edge Slim (4 Colors) 0.08g

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  • Draw sleek and realistic brows, all the way to the ends, with the thin and edgy hexagonal tip!
  • Easy, quick Slim Hexagonal Brow Pencil - NO more stubby, thick eyebrows! Conveniently complete delicate brow makeup by drawing the outline of the brow with the even slimmer, thin side of the hexagonal tip and filling in the eyebrows with the wide side after tidying up eyebrow texture!
  • Hard Formula that is natural like my own brows - NO more worries about clumpy, uneven brows! The hard formula looks natural even after multiple touch-ups thanks to its optimal oil to wax ratio, for soft and natural, clump-free brows!
  • Long Lasting with zero smudging - NO more worries about brows that fade over time! Long-lasting, neat brows without clumping or smudging, thanks to its oil wax base that is resistant to water and powder that absorbs sebum.

#01 Natural Brown : A natural brown that goes along well with natural hair and calm, brown-colored hair
#02 Light Brown : A light brown that goes along well with light brown hair
#03 Peanut Brown : A pale brown color that goes along well with bright, dyed hair
#05 Gray Brown : A dark brown that goes along well with dark hair

Easily draw outlines with the thin side. Delicately tap on the ends of the brows. Fill in empty spots with the wide side. Naturally tidy up brows with the screw brush.

Each person may have different effects.
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Mary E.F.

Goes on so smooth. Very easy to use. I finally found the one and only brow Pencil that really works.