[CNP Laboratory] Anti-Blemish Correcting Sun SPF 50+ PA+++ 50ml

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'Correcting Sun' that cares for skin problems and holds skin tone and texture
- An anti-blemish complex consisting of onion extract, panthenol, and allantoin treats skin problems, and a formula containing a polymer that gently fills the skin corrects uneven skin tone and texture.

1. Uneven skin care
2. Erasing care for skin troubles
- A formula containing BHA derivatives, betaine salicylate, phytosterol, and calamine, cleanses the skin.
3. Green beige texture anti-redness care
- The green color with a skin tone added calmly covers the damaged skin.
4. Skin irritation test completed
- This product has been tested for irritation to be used on all skin types.

Apply evenly to the skin of the face that is prone to exposure to UV rays.

Each person may have different effects.
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