[CORINGCO] Shabam Shabam Romantic Glitter (3 Colors) 3g

$16.00 $20.00

  • Unique Sparkling Glitter : Mix five-colored pearls with different pearl sizes in a transparent gel base. For exclusively shiny eyes from any angle.
  • Slim Application : Thin and elastic applicator brush minimizes eye irritation and is easy use by ensuring application of glitter, layer by layer. Ultra-fine brush makes adjusting the amount of cosmetics easy, for neat application even for beginners. Apply only to the desired area neatly without caking on the underline or the eyelids.
  • Quick Fixing Around The Eyes : The transparent gel base is equipped with a film coating system to enhance adhesion and durability. Experience less powdery glitter!

#01 Tears Light : Like teary-eyed. For a delicate image with shining eyes. Pink-based white pearl with added glitter.
#02 Lake's Light : Rendezvous of gold and emerald. For a special and extravagant image. Gold-based yellow with greenish fine pearl glitter.
#03 Evening Sun Light : For a luxurious image reminiscent of sunset. Glitter with crimson-based orange pearl.

Each person may have different effects.
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