[DASHU] For Men Premium Ultra Holding Power Wax Edition 100ml

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The upgraded setting abilities demonstrate a strong fix. The containing collagen protein that plays the role in the cell’s link helps with hair health and is an optimized product for moisture and nutrition supply.

Extra Strong Power : It maintains the style for a long time with powerful setting and holding power, and is optimal for expressing various styles. Since it doesn't get harden, it allows changing hairstyle anytime.

Soft Texture : It provides extra strong setting power due to its high adhesion between hairs with a soft formulation and maintains a strong hairstyle for a long time.

Refreshing : It rinses well without stickiness and gives a fresher cleansing power as there are no wastes left on the hair.

Collagen protein. Makes hair cells healthy
Great detergency. The disadvantage of existing wax was detergency; but improved this effect
Coconut scent. Nowhere to be found in the world except DASHU
Safe ingredients. 100% black bean and original extract of argan oil for the first time in the world

Apply appropriate amount to your hands, rub it on your hair, and style it in the style you want.

Each person may have different effects.
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