[dasique] Cream de Butter Tint (4 Colors) 3g

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  • With a slice of butter into milky soft texture and color, feel the buttery melting moment.
  • Creamy and lightweight lip glides on for full-on color with soft blurring effect.
  • With just one touch, it adheres lightly and thinly to the lips and maintains the original color for a long time.

#01 Mauve Cream : A soft and cozy mauve rose color that cool muted tones would like
#02 Salted Butter : A warm coral beige color that is perfect for a warm soft tone in autumn.
#03 Caramel Brick : Orange brick color that adds atmosphere without dullness
#04 Cotton Plum : A plum red color with a drop of gray that creates a sophisticated atmosphere

Using the tip, apply naturally as if filling in from the inside of the lips.
After applying a small amount of the contents to the inside of the lips, you can create a gradation lip by blending naturally.
*Due to the nature of the formulation, oil may ooze out slightly, but this phenomenon disappears when used by pumping with a tip, and there is no problem with the stability of the formulation, so you can use it with confidence.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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The color is so beautiful!
I get a lot of compliments from people around me because the shade is really pretty. It doesn't feel completely moisturizing, but it still feels soft and hydrated, so it doesn't dry out my skin. Plus, it doesn't emphasize any dead skin cells either. The color is not overly bright, and it has a petal-like tone to it.