[dasique] Cream de Rose Tint (8 Colors) 3g

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  • The 8 rose spectrums inspired by roses that bloom and wilt in the course of nature. Embrace the rosy ambience spreads creamy like velvet.

  • The formula, as thin and light as a flower petal, spreads smoothly on the lips and expresses vivid color with a single touch.

  • The powder in the formulation soothes lip wrinkles and dead skin cells to complete smooth lips as if they were blurred.

  • Officially certified vegan product from Italy's V-LABEL, which excludes animal-derived ingredients and does not test on animals
01 Nudy Rose : Nudy beige color resembling an autumn mood
02 Rose Cream : Soft and calm rose beige color with a drop of pink
03 Dreaming : A lovely cool tone light pink color that brightens the skin tone
04 Redwood : Dried rosy, calm MLBB rose color
05 Fuchsia : Pink rose color with a drop of raw rose color added
06 Ruby Jam : Cool-toned ruby red color with refreshing feel
07 Crimson : Purple plum red that brightens the face
08 Classy : Intense and sophisticated deep red color

Using the tip, apply as if filling in from the inside of the lips. After applying a small amount on the inside of the lips, blend it naturally to create a gradation lip.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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The color of this lip product is very flattering! It’s definitely not a tint, but more of a matte lip gloss. That being said it’s got a nice rosy color to it, and it’s a decent formula. It might be a tad drying so I’d consider layering it with a more moisturizing gloss.

L. R.

This product is great for adding a subtle dab of color to your lips. The applicator is smooth and provides an ample amount of gloss, not too much which makes a mess. I find the texture is smooth and not tacky or thin. I found this product to be a good, simple lip gloss for everyday wear.


This lip tint is so good!! (I got it in the shade 02) It feels very light and airy, but contrary to that it's pigmented and so naturally pretty on my lips. It also LASTS!! I was testing out the wear and ate a meal etc with it on and it looks practically the same. I'm so sad I didn't find this sooner.