[dasique] Shadow Palette #01 Sugar Brownic

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Make your own mood bloom like a single flower.
dasique will find your hidden beauty.

Dasique's emotional eye palette with soft brownie blending colors

1. Flat Matt
- A pressed type with a soft matte base, lightly adheres to the eyes.
2. Glam Shimmer
- Fine pearls that are not too much fit and fit to create elegant volume eyes.
3, Dazzling Glitter
- Pressed-type clipper pearls that shine brightly create a soft and dazzling aura.
4. Tears Glitter
- Feel the Vaseline shine like tears depending on the angle with wet type glitter.

[How to use]
Apply shadows using eyeshadow brush or fingertips to blend seamlessly together.

Each person may have different effects.
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