[dasique] Shadow Palette #02 Rose Petal

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You are still beautiful. Make your own mood with colorful but wearable colors.
It is a pressed type with a soft mat base that sticks lightly to the eyes.
The pearl that is not burdensome sticks together to create an elegant volume eye
Beautiful eye-glittering prest-type pearls add subtle and dazzling light. Use a wet type of glitter to feel the glow of tears depending on the angle.
02. Rose Petal - Color / Rose Bale, Delight Pink, Misty Rose, Twinkle Shower, Rose Blossom, Prism Petal, Rosie Brown, Antique Brown, Blondie Velvet

Key Points:
High Pigmentation: All 9 shades on Dasique's #02 Rose Petal eyeshadow palette will impress and wow with its pigmentation and color payoff! The glitter sparkles are also special because they will instantly brighten up the eye area and add a special touch to any eye makeup.

Shades for Any Skin Tone: The choice of creating any look is yours to make. These shades are easy to mix and the result? Beautiful moods and looks which suit almost everyone!

Versatile Colours To Wear: If you are a makeup junkie and have different eyeshadow palettes for different looks, it's time to focus on Dasique's Rose Petal eyeshadow Palette for that all-in-one function! Use it as a daily makeup look or a party look with extra shimmer and glitter for fun nights out~

Easy To Blend Shades and Textures: Did we already mention that all 9 silky shades from the Rose Petal palette are easy to apply and blend? Add depth and create layers of textures as you wish to your eyeshadow look simply with some light touches of your fingers or brush!

[How to use]
Apply shadows using eyeshadow brush or fingertips to blend seamlessly together.

Each person may have different effects.
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