[dasique] Under Eye Maker

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dasique aegyo meat maker that gives a natural and subtle volume to the aegyo meat under the eyes

Point 1
- The secret of eye makeup that makes your eyes look twice as big!
It fills in the dull aegyo meat line with volume and naturally expands it as if it were the original eye area.

Point 2
- The NEW formula containing luxurious satin pearls on a bright base provides a different glossiness.

Point 3
- No more artificial make-up that draws a straight line!
You can illuminate the aegyo skin area with subtle pearl particles, and create three-dimensional eyes with detailed shadow shading.

Point 4
- Depending on the presence or absence of glitter points, you can create a variety of looks, from natural makeup to shiny pearl makeup.

[How to use]

Step 1
- Gently apply 01 plumping beige color to the under 2/3 point of the aegyo meat area.

Step 2
- Under the aegyo meat, shade the line of the aegyo meat with 03 shading brown color.

Step 3
- Mix 03 Shading Brown and 04 Line Smoother colors to give a slitting effect to the under triangle zone area and loosen the eyeliner.

Step 4
- 02 You can create more sparkling eyes by adding points to the cheekbones and the bangs of the eyes with 02 Starlet Glitter Color.

Each person may have different effects.
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