[Dr.Different] Cica Metal Calming Pad 90ml 60EA

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Soothing toner pad that strengthens and relieves skin sensitized by harmful outside conditions.

- Madecassoside : An effective concentration of madecassoside, the active ingredient, which provides irritated skin with the ideal cica care.
- Derma Metal : Derma metal (copper and zinc) is effective for skin care and for boosting the skin's own strength, and adds synergy to cica care.
- Multi Soothing Care : From daily care for skin sensitized by regular exposure to harmful conditions to intensive skin care after having a clinical treatment.
- Premium Double-Sided Pad : Certified fiber, safe and hygienic enough to be used for medical purposes (unbleached pure cotton yam)

After cleansing, gently wipe the entire face with the gauze side to retexturize the skin. Put the pad on areas to be soothed, with the pure cotton side facing the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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