[Dr.Jart+] Ceramidin Cream Mist 110ml

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When immediate moisturizing is needed for dry skin #moisturizing cream mist

Double moisturizing with Moisture layer + Cream layer : This product is a definite moisturizing mist with xylitol of natural moisturizing factor(NMF) covering moist layer on skin surface and ceramidin cream's moisturizing layer keeping moist.

Safe moisturizing even for sensitive skin without worry : As test of skin irritation is completed, this product can be used for sensitive skin without worry.

Shake Shake with definite double Moisturizing!
- Cream layer : Cera moisturizing layer which keeps moisture as soon as the product is sprayed.
- Moisture layer : Transparent moist layer of natural moisturizing factor(NMF) which provides immediate moisture filling to skin surface.

Shake 3 times strongly with snap of a wrist!
Maintain the distance of a palm between the mist and face.
Sufficiently spray 3 times, once toward forehead, once for each left and right cheek.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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mariana r.

This is the best thing for dry skin, makes my skin so moist and glowy


Dr Jarts products are great, you can’t go wrong with them really great experience with these products

Pat C.

excellent product! 👍, quick and easy to use, like the spray action, light, none greasy, feels good!

Love this spray.

Love this spray. I’m a huge fan of Dr Jart products. This is great in the summer when it’s really hot out but you want to keep your skin moist.

C. M.
A dream!

I LOVE the Dr. Jart Ceramidin line and this spray is such a great addition. I have acne prone, combination, sensitive skin that can get oily with moisturizers so I was nervous to add in a morning moisturizer (I use the Ceramidin cream at night). It hydrates while playing well with my other morning skincare and makeup and it works great during the day if my skin needs a pick me up. I had a long flight recently and kept it in my carry on-it might be my new favorite liquid in my liquids bag. My mom has dry skin and also appreciated the spray and agreed it felt great for her skin.