[Dr.PEPTI] Peptela CICA-UT Ampoule 30ml

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  • Soothing ampoule containing 300,000ppm of PEPTELLA in liposome method that maximizes the absorption of the product by helping it penetrate into the deepest layers of the dermis.
  • What is PEPTELLA? It is a mixture of Cica Peptella and 4 components of Centella Asiatica.
  • Enhances skin’s self-recovering power through soothing, improving elasticity and moisturizing skin barrier.
  • The vibrant green color is natural and from the chlorophyll of the plants used in the ampoule! The chlorophyll also helps give vitality to the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • For best result, use with DR. PEPTI PETELLA CICA-UT CREAM
  • KeywordsPeptella™ / Cica Peptide / Calming / Elasticity / Moisturized Barrier


  1. Use after toner like an essence
  2. Apply a light layer over the whole face
  3. Lightly pat the product into the skin for better absorption

*The lid contains an auto-dropper that will automatically fill up with product every time you close the bottle fully. This is to make the product easier to use and more hygienic.

Each person may have different effects.

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