[EGLIPS] Flash Shadow Palette (6 Colors) 1EA

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A 9-color eyeshadow palette that features different eyeshadow colors in various textures to create different eye makeup looks.

  • #01 Sunset Crush: sunset natural tones
  • #02 After Nude: romantic pink tones
  • #03 Little Sunshine: neutral sunlight tones
  • #04 Coral Martini: soft pink tones
  • #05 Day Light: neutral earth tones
  • #06 Starry Night: muted champagne tones


1. Apply a base shade all over your eye lid.
2. Apply the color that you want to stand out on your eye line, outer edges of your eyes, or use it as a gradation shade.
3. Use sparkling glitter shade to highlight the inner corner of your eyes, water line, brow bone, or other areas that you want to brighten up.

Each person may have different effects.
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