[espoir] Couture Lip Tint Blur Velvet (4 Colors) 5.5g

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  • It contains a blur gel to realize a completely matte texture without feeling oily, and it is kneaded with a soufflé method to create a softer texture that smudges without borders and creates a smooth blurring effect.
  • Special tips optimized for blurry effect : Blurry effect that spreads thinly and evenly after holding an appropriate amount in a special triangular shape that narrows towards the tip. Soft brush bristles wrap lips comfortably and realize a luxurious feel
  • A comfort texture that wraps the lips with a silky blur filter gel that improves the dryness and tightening of the existing velvet formula, wrapping it in a cloud-like comfort and providing a thin and comfortable feeling.
  • Containing high-adhesion polymer, it adheres closely with a single touch, preventing blurring gel from smearing and smearing, realizing a fitting fixing effect that lasts for a long time


Using the built-in tip, gently apply the contents along the lips.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marcel F.

- Not sticky
- Natural lip color expression possible

Claire E.

The color is so so so pretty!! It applies smoothly and easily.
It’s a color that looks good on everyone regardless of skin tone.

Victoria I.

The color is really pretty, but I'm disappointed in how long it lasts.

Cristina I.

It's a matte lip, but it goes on smoothly and doesn't leave any dead skin cells on even extremely dry lips.
I am very satisfied with that aspect.

Aleeza L.

It's not too matte and spreads very well! I bought it after watching it on YouTube and am satisfied.