[Farmstay] Snail Repair Eye Cream 40g

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Elastic Eye Care Eye Concentration Care

It is a highly concentrated eye cream that absorbs sensitive eyes quickly to the skin to make it more elastic and elastic. Chondroidine, a bio-cell active substance, interacts with collagen and elastin of the skin lacking due to traces of time to maintain skin elasticity and moisture, and provides nutrients, moisturizing, and elasticity to thin and dry eye skin with abundant nutrition.
With snail slime extract mix, light and soft eye cream helps skin to become more elastic and vivid, and gives trasparent and healthy skin by vitalizing metabolism function of the skin around the eyes.

At the final stage of skin care, apply a small amount on the affected areas such as the eyes and mouth. Apply carefully to avoid irritation to the skin. Pat lightly for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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