[FRUDIA] Avocado Relief Cream 55g

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Packed with 62% avocado extract, this relief cream treats dry, sensitive skin and repairs its barrier, while also soothing it using Jeju Green Complex. The creamy texture smoothly blends into skin to nourish it.

By containing avocado extract with abundant amino acid ingredient (62%) instead of water, this cream takes care of the rough and weak skin to become comfortable. Within only 2 weeks, this product will help the improvement of skin barriers and prevent moisture loss, and quickly calm down red skin which has become weak due to external stimulations. Panthenol ingredient cares for dry skin, while plant ingredients which include jeju green complex and madecassoside help calm down sensitive skin. This intensive damage improvement cream, which fully contains the nutrients of the avocado, has completed skin irritation test, and thus, can be used on sensitive skin with ease.

At the last step of your skin care routine, apply Frudia Avocado Relief Cream onto face until absorbed to create a protective moisturizing barrier.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I love this moisturizer! It has a very light clean scent, very moisturizing and absorbs quickly.


This is a nice, light cream that is moisturizing enough for me, but it's bigger benefit is the effect on my moisture barrier. A couple of days using this at night and it is are much better! I use this any time I feel like my skin has been drier than usual, or after I do a harsher treatment like a chemical exfoliant or dermaplaning. Just anytime my skin feels vulnerable or slightly damaged. It does the job wonderfully!
The scent is light and fruity.


Wow, just received this product and have tried it for two days, it is everything it says & more. I have very dry skin and have struggled with it for years. I love avocados so decided to try this product. I used it on my face, throat, back of my hands...just love it!