[fwee] Cushion Glass (5 Colors) SPF 50+ PA+++ 15g

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  • Xylitol provides instant cooling, lowering the skin temperature so that makeup can be applied well, and the more you pat it, the more moist and radiant your skin is.
  • A special powder particle designed uniformly adheres thinly and evenly as if it were the original skin, and the double-layer film and moisturizing ingredients moistly adhere to give a skin-care-like finish without feeling stuffy.
  • A fixing glow that minimizes smearing on the mask by closely setting the brilliance of glass grains with proprietary Xfine™ technology.
  • A high-refractive oil and high-adhesive fitting gel that reflects light and resembles brilliant glass, the more you tap it with the puff, the more natural and luxurious the radiance is expressed.
  • With fwee's unique glass texture, a thin but sophisticated cover is possible.
  • The water drop-shaped glass puff that delivers moisture and catches oil tightly covers even the delicate parts of the nose and eye area, and 99.9% antibacterial treatment creates a cleaner glass shine.

After skincare, lightly take the contents on the puff and spread it thinly by tapping.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Rambabu B.

While the longevity may not be its strongest feature, this product has the advantage of a lightweight application that blends seamlessly into the skin.
It doesn't feel heavy and doesn't leave any noticeable color, resulting in a natural appearance. What is truly important about this product is its strong moisturizing and hydrating properties, providing ample moisture and hydration to the skin.

Anoosh K.

Very nice packaging and finely milled formulation


I'm using it frequently. I'll purchase it again.

Fuat K.
Love it

The more I use it, the more I love it... Now, it has become my favorite cushion that I really cherish.

Lydia D.

Despite having extremely sensitive skin, there is almost no irritation. Among the cushions I have tried, this one is one of the most moisturizing and gentle, to the point where it could be counted on one hand.