[GRAYMELIN] Galactocera Re-Turn Pad 135g 70EA

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- Graymelin Garlactocera Return Pad 70pads gives moisturizing skin, soft skin texture, dead skin cells arranging, and so your skin feels comfortable.
- Take care of the old dead skin on the skin surface and pores with AHA, and BHA remove sebum that blocks the pores.
- The pad contains galactomyces which enhances moisturization and help to make your skin more transparent, ceramide NP that helps strengthen skin barriers, apple water rich in vitamins and organic acids, AHA that melts the dead skin cells, and BHA that cleans your pores by removing sebum.
- After using the pad, it has less stickiness or oilless, so you can use it neatly. It is good for dry skin with a lot of dead skin, and it is convenient and moisturized because you can manage dead skin without using toner.
- Wipe the sebum in the morning and apply makeup to keep the skin texture tidy, helping the makeup to eat well.


1. After cleansing, wipe off dead skin cells with convex embossing cotton.
2. If it's soft, use silky cotton to tidy up the skin.

*You can use it as a skin pack when you need skin care.

Each person may have different effects.
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