[Huxley] Cover Cushion; Own Attitudes 2 Sand Dune Refill Only

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Expiry Sale 2022/3

Hydrates skin while providing a matte finish

Skin fitting polymers form a thin protective layer that keeps skin hydrated without sickiness to achieve a 24 hours lasting smooth makeup look.

Enhanced hydrated texture gives an instant cooling effect

Cactus seed oil and cactus water formulated into an enhanced hydrating texture keeps skin hydrated and soothes skin instantly upon application.

Thin, smooth lightweight coverage

The silicone gel network system created through exclusive technology helps the product adhere evenly onto the skin while providing immaculate coverage over blemishes.

[How to Use]
Press puff into the moistened sponge to release liquid makeup.
Smooth all over face, starting in the center of the face, blending out toward the hairline.
Touch-up throughout the day, as needed.

-Each person may have different effects.
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