[Huxley] Moist Cushion Own Attitude 12g

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- The skin fitting polymer forms a thin protective film that moisturizes the skin and provides silky finish.
- Moisture-enhancing texture with cactus seed oil and cactus waters soothes and calms the skin.
- It adheres to the skin tightly and evenly to make flawless base makeup.
- When it is applied to the skin, it feels cool and naturally covers the blemishes.
- Hydrates skin while providing a matte finish - Skin fitting polymers form a thin protective layer that keeps skin hydrated without sickiness to achieve a 24 hours lasting smooth makeup look.
- Enhanced hydrated texture gives an instant cooling effect - Cactus seed oil and cactus water formulated into an enhanced hydrating texture keeps skin hydrated and soothes skin instantly upon application.
- Thin, smooth lightweight coverage - The silicone gel network system created through exclusive technology helps the product adhere evenly onto the skin while providing immaculate coverage over blemishes.

[How to use]
Press puff into the moistened sponge to release liquid makeup. Smooth all over face, starting in the center of the face, blending out toward the hairline. Touch-up throughout the day as needed.