[HYGGEE] All-In-One Mist 100ml

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A mist in essence type provides instant moisture to skin.

Sebum control
A cinnamon extract controls sebum excretion and tightens pore to adust oil and moisture balance.
It is sebum mist that can be sprayed onto makeup face with oiliness.

Mist with Mild ingredients
Mist made with mild ingredients to provide essential skincare to sensitive skin without any irritation.

1. Enhance the skin barrier
2. Soothe away
3. Mutipurepose mist
4. All-in-one skin care

[How to Use]
1. After cleansing
- After washing your face, spray the mist to retain moisture and tone the skin.
2. Before and after applying make up
- Create a natural glowing skin base by using the mist before and after makeup.
3. Whenever your skin feels dry
- Give yourself a spritz whenever and wherever you feel dry
- Remember that good habits make good skin

-Each person may have different effects.

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