[I'm from] Mugwort Essence 160ml

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I'M FROM MUGWORT ESSENCE collects Ganghwa mugwort grown with Sea breeze and fog and ages for 3 years with traditional method. The mask contains single extract of fermented Ganghwa mugwort that has calming ingredients and purification activities through SLOW RELEASE EXTRACTION™. Experience relaxing mood and rich scent with nature of Ganghwa.

A hydrating and soothing essence formulated with 100% mugwort extract. Contains 100% concentrated extract of mugwort grown from Ganghwa County, South Korea, to treat skin problems and refine skin texture for clear and smooth skin. Safe for use as it contains no harmful additives.

Packs skin with hydration while soothing irritation.
Clarifies skin and cultivates a beautiful complexion.
Tested and certified as non-irritating.

Apply from on sensitive part to overall face after toner. When skin is extremely dry or need calming, soaking cotton pad into essence and put on face for 5 minutes.

Each person may have different effects.
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