[I'm from] Pear Soothing Pad 125ml (60 Pads)

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This soothing pad features immediate cooling effect, provides deep hydration from wild pear pulp extract.
Contains 75% of Wild pear extract, delivers rich hydration with plant-based hyaluronic acid.
The wild pear extract is extracted by using Nano Phyto Cell Grinder™ method, which can grind its pulp to an invisible size.
Provides skin pH balance, with moisture content improvement by 138.39%.
Pad are made by unbleached pure cotton, which is biodegradable cotton that is certified as vegan fabric.
Features vegan formulation, Non-GMO, EWG Green only.

1. Gently wipe the entire face avoiding the eye area with a cotton pad.
2. Leave the pad on your skin for 3 minutes for a quick soothing effect.

Each person may have different effects.
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