[I'M MEME] I'm Multi Square #All About Contouring 11.2g

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Those who are looking for a contour palette with less saturated shades

  • 4 natural contour shades for everyone to achieve a perfectly sculpted face without harsh lines
  • Formulated with coated powders for seamless application
  • #1 White Choco : A subtle base shade that evens out your complexion with a matte finish
  • #2 Milk Choco : A light brown shade that cultivates soft and natural makeup when applied to the sides of the nose and jawline
  • #3 Hazelnut Choco : A deep contouring shade that adds dimension to your look when applied to the outer part of your face and cheekbones
  • #4 Dark Choco : The darkest shade that sculpts your face for added definition. You can also use it to fill in the hairline or eyebrows.

This versatile mini contouring palette provides all the shades you need to sculpt and define your face to perfection.

At the end of your makeup routine, dispense a small amount on a brush and lightly sweep across the nose bridge, cheekbones, and jawline.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Vianey G.G.

the contour shades are perfect shades of warm tones and cool tones (most contour shades tend to be either too cool grey like or very warm and orange like) I swirl my brush through all 4 shades and get the perfect shade to go under my cheekbones and on my nose and look so natural yet chiseled. the texture of the poweders glide on the skin like butter and blends in so easily. sometimes I feel I applied too much but then go in with my brush and keep blending and smooths out beautifully def recommend 10/10


Great contour palette with great pigmentation.... Don't go too hard! I'm really pale so just use the 3 lighter colours and use the darker one on my eyes.


So I first saw this product because of the youtuber Edward Avila and I finally decided to purchase the product and I am not disappointed at all. This palate is super nice to switch between colors that are good for contouring because they are more cool toned and grey-ish like a real shadow unlike a bronzer. Honestly, I use this product for my eyes, nose, cheeks, and jaw even though its only a cheek product and I am so impressed with its versatility. These are perfect and exactly what I was looking so hard for!!! Overall if you are looking for a reliable product I would really recommend this one. I do plan to buy more of this when I run out because I have been enjoying it so much ever since I decided to buy it.


This little contour palette is amazing. I have a medium-tan skin tone and mixing the bottom two shades make a nice natural contour shade for me. :)

Newbie with contouring

I never contour before and I thought I would try. This contour palette is so nice! You can combine the shades and make a look that fits you most. I don’t know if you can tell but i contoured my nose :) sorry if my review isn’t helpful because I have no idea what I am doing haha!