[innisfree] Jeju Lava Seawater Lotion 160 ml

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1. Powerful moisturizing energy of Jeju lava seawater
Jeju lava seawater with special minerals gives a boost to skin hydration to help the skin fight against early signs of aging.
2. Highly functional barrier with three types of moisturizing factors
Jeju lava seawater strengthens three types of moisturizing factors as well as natural moisturizing factors to build up a strong moisture barrier.
3. Deep hydrating lotion that offers a moist, supple skin by balancing skin's moisture & oil level
Contains 66.8% Jeju lava seawater to improve skin oil-moisture balance and create moisture film on your skin for firmming care.

Take an adequate amount after using the essence and gently apply it all over the face and neck.