[innisfree] Wrinkle Science Spot Treatment 40ml

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  • Helps improve wrinkles, elasticity, moisture content, and skin texture in just 4 weeks. It is a functional spot treatment that strengthens loose elasticity and intensively improves the five major wrinkles* on the face, helping with intensive anti-aging care.
  • Omega Oil & Seaweed Fermentation Extract : The formula contains Jeju seaweed fermented extract and Jeju omega oil, which uses seaweed, which is rich in minerals and nutrients, to provide skin energy.
  • Formula that adheres comfortably to the skin : The non-sticky, chewy formula adheres closely to wrinkles and provides firm care. Dermatological testing has been completed so that even those with troubled skin can use it without any burden.
  • Uses soybean oil ink and FSC printing paper : Ink containing soybean oil was used instead of volatile ink. We strive to manage the forest ecosystem by using FSC certified paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Association.


  • In the morning, pat on areas of concern such as the nasolabial folds, around the eyes, and forehead to manage wrinkles, and in the evening, apply to the entire face and allow to fully absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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It's a anti aging cream, I will continue to use it

I just use the first tube. It's help moisturise my skin

perfect for me!

I have been using it for eight years.


It helps to improved look of deep fine lines and firmer looking skin around targeted areas of concern.


I bought this for my mom and she uses it since 3 weeks every day in the morning and evening. She had a pretty deep wrinkle on her forehead and it's nearly disappeared. Really magical! And she is happy :)