[ISNTREE] Green Tea Fresh Cleanser 120ml

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Refreshing cleanser that only cleans up unnecessary wastes on the skin
With the raw material of Korean Green Tea #Real Green Tea Cleanser
Anti Sebum P - Oil-Moisture Balance : Contains Anti Sebum P, which removes wastes during cleansing and at the same time takes care of unnecessary greasiness.
Quadruple hyaluronic acid : Four types of hyaluronic acid help soft and moist cleansing.
Refreshing cleanser that feels good just with cleansing! The dense foam of Green Tea Cleanser gives soft and gentle finish and a pleasant energy after cleansing.
Refreshing finish with a soft gel texture : You can feel a refreshing finish with a brownish-gel formulation with natural color of green tea extract.

After taking an appropriate amount and lathering, gently massage the entire face and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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