[It's skin] Prestige Tonique 2X Ginseng D'escargot 140ml

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  • SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE & GINSENG EXTRACT: It's Skin Prestige Tonique 2X Ginseng D'escargot facial toner contains twice the amount of snail secretion filtrate to give you bouncy and wrinkle-free skin. Red ginseng extract and other root extracts manage the foundation of the skin and maintain vitality.
  • IMPROVED SKIN TEXTURE & ELASTICITY: This skin care toner helps to smoothens your skin texture. The blend of essential nutrients in the toner offers you skin-smoothing moisture while minimizing wrinkles and enhances skin’s elasticity, and keeps it dewy and bouncy.
  • MAINTAINS OIL AND MOISTURE BALANCE: This anti-aging toner with snail secretion keeps your facial skin nourished and calm. This face astringent delivers moisture onto the entire face and regulates oil secretion to give you well-nourished and oil-free skin.
  • NON-STICKY FINISH FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This toner does not contain artificial colors, or essential oils, making it perfect for use for any skin type. The non-sticky, lightweight, and calming texture of our snail essence make it ideal for all skin types.
  • QUICK ABSORPTION HYDRATING FORMULA: It's Skin Prestige Tonique 2X Ginseng D'escargot facial toner is absorbed effortlessly by the skin to soften and moisturize its texture! This anti-aging toner offers nourishing and firming care that replenishes and improves the fundamentals of the skin.


After cleansing, take the product with a hand, apply onto the skin then pat to help the skin absorb the product.

*Apply this essential toner with its rich amount of active components 2-3 times to enjoy much greater hydration.

Each person may have different effects.
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