[iUNIK] Tea Tree Relief Toner 200ml

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Save your skin from blemishes with this tea tree toner, enriched with 67% tea tree extract, 20% cica extract, 1,000ppm purslane extract, along with 6,000ppm sprout extracts from rapeseed, broccoli, wheat, alfalfa, radish and cabbage to provide relief to aggravated skin. It also brightens skin with niacinamide and improves wrinkles with adenosine.

  • A toner that relieves and soothes skin with tea tree, centella asiatica leaf water, and a patented blend of six sprout extracts.
  • Watery toner enriched with tea tree extract 67% and centella asiatica extract 20% to effectively calm sensitive skin, moisturize and leave skin soft and supple.
  • Contain 6,000 ppm of six sprout extracts in organic form to provide rich nutrients for healthy skin.
  • Double functional product for brightening and wrinkle care by niacinamide and adenosine.

After facial cleansing, apply a proper amount to your face and gently dab for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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지성피부라, 티트리 라인 토너 구매하여 사용해봤는데 제품 흡수력도 좋구, 미스트 용기에 덜어서 사용하기에도 너무 좋은거같아요! 자극없는 토너, 추천합니다! :)


Con los cambios hormonales, me salen granos quísticos enormes, dolorosos y rojos en la zona de la mandíbula. Pues bien, estoy bastante sorprendida, porque lo estoy usando junto con el limpiador de cosrx de pH bajo tan famoso y no sé exactamente, cuál de los dos hace la maravilla o los dos son maravillosos. Estoy encantada con ellos, hacen que esos granos salgan pequeñísimos o incluso que no salgan, estoy muy sorprendida.

Strong fragrance

Not sure if I just got a bad batch but this wasn't exactly calming for my skin. The first few minutes it feels harsh on my skin, but then feels okay later on. Also, there is a pine fragrance in this that I just do not like, and it is not subtle.


I love how this toner make mu face feel. I leave it on the fridge and its very refreshing. It has good ingredients and smells so good and relaxing.


Good for acne prone skin, it actually calms down the redness & less breakouts. Love korean skincare products!