[JENNYHOUSE] Re;BAK Style Repair Treatment 230ml

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98% NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR SENSITIVE SCALP : Instead of purified water, it contained plant water such as aloe vera extract, Jeju lotus leaf extract, and avocado oil. It contains natural surfactants and functional components to relieve hair loss.

RELIEVE HAIR LOSS : Clean scalp cleansing, as well as hair care, reduces hair loss without scalp irritation.

HAIR NOURISHING : It gives your hair enough moisture and nutrition to complete a healthy hairstyle.

PH BALANCING CARE : PH4.5-6.5 - Maintaining PH balance is important for healthy hair. The libek, which resembles the skin's natural PH balance, hardens the cuticle and adds flexibility to the hair, making it a healthy scalp.

MILD INGREDIENTS : Free of silicone oil known to clog pores on the scalp. Sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, artificial pigments free. Be free of worries and clogged scalp!

After shampooing, remove the water and put a suitable amount of treatment on your hand and rub it like massaging the scalp of the top of your head. Afterwards, wash the treatment clean with warm water and rinse it lightly with cold water to take care of the hair roots flexibly.

Each person may have different effects.
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