[JUICE TO CLEANSE] Calming Clean Water 300ml

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  • This moisturizing, refreshing water cleanser does not need double cleansing, gently removes the makeup residue easily without irritation.
  • Slightly acidic and provides effective cleansing without water, as if using the toner to tidy up skin texture.
  • Completed skin irritation tests, free of harmful ingredients.


1. Dispense a moderate amount and fully soak with a cotton pad.
2. To remove eye makeup, place the cotton pad on the skin around the eyes without rubbing, gently wipe makeup off after a few seconds.
3. In the case of water-proof point makeup, you may choose to use point makeup remover before using the product.
4. Lastly, gently wipe off makeup from the entire face.
5. You may also choose to cleanse the face with water or foam.

Each person may have different effects.
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