[Jumiso] Pore-Rest LHA Sebum Control Facial Cream 50g

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The Jumiso PORE-REST LHA Sebum Control Facial Cream is a gentle velvety cream to remove excess sebum and improve the look of pores for smoother and healthier skin. LHA is an effective exfoliating ingredient that helps with sebum control, while still being gentle enough for sensitive skin types or for daily use.

  • This gentle cream helps remove sebum and improves on pores to create smooth and healthy skin.
  • All ingredients are EO free and Vegan for sensitive skin.
  • Perfect for fragrance sensitivity, sensitive skin, blackheads and clogged pores, dry skin, oily skin, rough skin, and excessive sebum secretion.
  • Contains velvety cream contains low pH Anti-Sebum Complex which is effective on sebum control.

In the last step of skin care, apply appropriate amount of cream on the face and pat until absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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