[Jumiso] Pore-Rest PHA 9 Deep Purifying Facial Toner 250ml

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- Contains 9% PHA with large molecular structure which allows gentle exfoliation.
- All ingredients are EO free and Vegan for sensitive skin.
- Perfect for fragrance sensitivity, sensitive skin, blackheads and clogged pores, dry skin, oily skin, rough skin, and excessive sebum secretion.

What is PHA
- PHA is a water- soluble exfoliating ingredient which helps remove dead skin cells on the skin surface.
- It is very gentle on sensitive skin as its larger molecular structure is less irritating on pores.
- It also moisturizes skin as it contains moisturizing ingredients.

[How to use]
After washing your face, put an appropriate amount on the cotton pad and wet it enough, and gently wipe it off the skin.

-Each person may have different effects.
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