[KRAVE] Great Barrier Relief 45ml

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  • A creamy, nourishing serum that calms signs of sensitivity caused by a broken skin barrier. A blend of nourishing oils and rebalancing actives restore damaged skin to clear breakouts and soothe irritation. Skin looks clear, feels calm, and probably sounds amazing.
  • Mighty Morphing Power Changer : Great Barrier Relief is a natural shapeshifter. You can use it as a daily serum, substitute it for your moisturizer or as an acne treatment to transform a spot into a not.
  • Millennial Parent Vibes : Niacinamide a.k.a. the soccer parent of skincare, ingredients is a master multitasker. It helps prevent breakouts and fades the look of dark spots for radiant, even skin. That’s good parenting.
  • The Best Things Come in 3's : GBR is loaded with Tamanu Oil, a breakout-clearing, texture-smoothing, manicure-giving (beta) active that replenishes skin. Paired with Safflower and Rosehip oil, this trio visibly calms redness and nourishes dry skin from the first swipe.
  • New Look, Same Old Fave : GBR’s glowed up. Our OG tried-and-true serum is now in an airless pump that pushes out every bit of product, so you don’t need to break it open.

Apply 1-2 pumps on clean, dry skin. Use a little extra for dry skin and a little less for oily skin. Gently massage into the skin until fully absorbed. If using as a sensitive spot treatment, use light pats or apply with a q-tip.
* Do not open the pump. The contents may burst.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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This becomes one of my favourite product to improve my skin barrier! The serum is moisture and oily enough to improve your dry skin! I used this when I feel that my face is itchy and irritated.. the next day my skin healed and no pimples! Plus it’s not that oily for oily skin ppl!


Good for sensitive skin. Good texture as well
Thanks seller


Used this for a few days but my skin got super dry. Tried alternating days and it works much better. Used together with the oat water cream and it was 😚👌🏼

A Necessity In My Skin Care Routine!

This product helps with my redness and skin cell turnover. It's great for soothing the skin after exfoliating with an AHA chemical exfoliant. Perfect for calming the skin and prevents my acne from flaring out keeping my skin looking smooth, clean, and fresh! I would definitely say this is a necessity for my skincare routine!


My skin has become extremely reactive post-baby and 4 rounds of laser treatments later. Seemingly benign products began to irritate my (aging) skin. I've since broken up with azelaic acid & vitamin C—they both are too irritating to my skin at this point in time. I can't even look at a bottle of retinol without reacting. I finally gave GBR a try in hopes that I could find something that gave me aging benefits but didn't set me back in terms of healing my reactive skin. I will buy it on repeat.