[KRAVE] Great Barrier Relief 45ml

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A creamy, nourishing serum that calms signs of sensitivity caused by a broken skin barrier. A blend of nourishing oils and rebalancing actives restore damaged skin to clear breakouts and soothe irritation. Skin looks clear, feels calm, and probably sounds amazing.

Mighty Morphing Power Changer : Great Barrier Relief is a natural shapeshifter. You can use it as a daily serum, substitute it for your moisturizer or as an acne treatment to transform a spot into a not.

Millennial Parent Vibes : Niacinamide a.k.a. the soccer parent of skincare, ingredients is a master multitasker. It helps prevent breakouts and fades the look of dark spots for radiant, even skin. That’s good parenting.

The Best Things Come in 3's : GBR is loaded with Tamanu Oil, a breakout-clearing, texture-smoothing, manicure-giving (beta) active that replenishes skin. Paired with Safflower and Rosehip oil, this trio visibly calms redness and nourishes dry skin from the first swipe.

New Look, Same Old Fave : GBR’s glowed up. Our OG tried-and-true serum is now in an airless pump that pushes out every bit of product, so you don’t need to break it open.

Apply 1-2 pumps on clean, dry skin. Use a little extra for dry skin and a little less for oily skin. Gently massage into the skin until fully absorbed. If using as a sensitive spot treatment, use light pats or apply with a q-tip.
* Do not open the pump. The contents may burst.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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My skin has become extremely reactive post-baby and 4 rounds of laser treatments later. Seemingly benign products began to irritate my (aging) skin. I've since broken up with azelaic acid & vitamin C—they both are too irritating to my skin at this point in time. I can't even look at a bottle of retinol without reacting. I finally gave GBR a try in hopes that I could find something that gave me aging benefits but didn't set me back in terms of healing my reactive skin. I will buy it on repeat.


I have always had bumpy arms and I have tried so many lotions and scrubs and exfoliators with no success. This stuff tho… I could cry. I can’t believe how smooth this lotion made my arms after just a week of use.

Renu V.
I Love It So Far

I’ve only been using the great barrier relief for a couple weeks.. I like to give products at least a month before I rave about it. But I absolutely love this product! I was breaking out really bad on the side of my cheeks and my face was in constant pain. This has been helping me a lot


Bought this because my skin barrier was compromised due to trying out a lot of different product 🥺 So hope this product helps 💅🏻✨

My skincare holy grail!!!

I had really bad mask acne and this cleared up my skin and made it really smooth. The bottle looks like it’s not filled all the way but it’s a pressurised design so it’s all good.