[Lador] Herbalism Shampoo 150ml

$21.00 $45.00

From reversing signs of thinning hair to glossier hair.

Daily Anti- hair loss shampoo
formulated with 7 tyes of herbal extract
- Hernalism shampoo forms rich and thick weak acidic bubbles that effectively refreshes and cleanses scalp and hair leaving hair healtheir.

Ingredients that effectviely relieve hair loss and improves hair texture.
- Registered functional anti- hair loss product
- Help create volume and provide nutrients to weaken hair

[Recommended for]
1. Those with weak and thin hair
2. Those with scalp buildup problem
3. Trouble with sensitive and weak scalp
4. Those with long term hair loss problem

[How to Use]
1. Wet hair with warm water and take and adequate amount of shampoo.
2. Massage into scalp and hair while creating foam
3. After massage, wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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