[Lador] Hydro LPP Treatment Tube Type 150ml

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Protein treatment that fills up damaged hair

Highly concentrated care, just like hair clinic at the salon.

Protein injection into deep layers healthy hair with instant quick care. Unlike other hair treatments that only soften the outer layer of hair, this treatment injections and fills hair's inner layer with nutrients.

1. Injection of low particle protein
- LPP protein care
Proteins with small particle size easily enter inner layers and provide nutrients for hair.

2. Stronger hair
- Hydrolyzed collagen + Carrot Root Extract
Repair damaged and weak hair to become strong and bouncy hair.

3. Retains moisture + Shine coating
- Olive Oil + Jojoba Seed oil + Panthenol
Fills dehydrated hair with moisture and coats hair with glossy coating.

[Recommended for]
1. Severely damaged hair from frequent perm and coloring
2. Hair damaged by using heat styling device.
3. Dry and tangled hair highly prone to static
4. Dehydrated hair prone to breakage, lacks moisture and shine.

[How to Use]
1. cleanse hair and scalp with shampoo.
2. after shampoo, apply an adequate amount of LPP Treatment and massage into hair
3. Massage and wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Use as special care
- After shampoo, apply adequate amount onto hair. Put on plastic hair cap for 10 to 15 minutes, apply heat and wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Use as pre/ post procedure treatment
- Pre- procedure: Before perm, coloring or other chemical procedure, apply small amount mainly onto damaged area.
Leave in for 10 minutes and continue with chemical procedure.

- Port procedure: After chemical procedure, apply adequate amount onto damaged hair. Leave in for 10 minutes and wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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Customer Reviews

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Es un tratamiento que me ayuda demasiado a cuidar mi cabello dañado, lo deja muy hidratado y todo a un buen precio.


The smell is wonderful and I really liked how my hair felt and looked after using this. I'm going to get the biggest bottle on my next order and possibly other Lador products too.

gran producto

excelente la textura y suavidad que deja en el cabello maltratado. me encanta este producto