[Lador] Tea Tree Scalp Clinic Hair Pack 200ml

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Infused with nutritious extracts derived from tea tree, aloe and snail slime, this hair mask soothes scalps as it effectively rids impurities and dead skin cells. Blended with menthol to add a cooling sensation.

  • A scalp-soothing hair mask that helps eliminate dandruff and pimples on the scalp while removing dead skin cells.
  • Contains plant-based extracts derived from tea tree, green tea, aloe, and snail slime, the gentle formula supplies nutrients to hair to give firmness and sheen to damaged hair.
  • With a blend of menthol, it leaves a cooling sensation after application.

1. Squeeze off excess water after shampooing.
2. Apply a liberal amount of the mask to hair evenly, and gently massage.
3. Rinse off thoroughly.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Very therapeutic and no irritation

Highly recommend!!! After more than a decade of dying and perming I can surely say my scalp is destroyed. I have started scalp care for over a year and have used almost all the products out there. This hair pack is in my top 3 list for scalp care. It's soothing and cooling sensation is really therapeutic. It's a spa all in your shower. After shampooing and rinsing I leave the hair pack in for five minutes or even just few minutes and that cooling feeling lasts a while. And the scent is amazing, I feel instantly relaxed and soothed from just the scent. But the best part is that it does not irritate.