[Lador] Wonder Tear 50 Seconds Moisture Coating Clinic Treatment 250ml

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Wonder Clinic with Quick + Easy + Amazing results
Now start doing that hair treatment you have been too busy and lazy to do.
Provide the nutrients and moisture that damaged hair cuticle lacks, fills up opened cuticle, reating healthy, bouncy and shiny hair.
Helps lock in moisture deep inside hair, creates light and gydrating coating wich maintains hair lossiness.

Use twice a week for intensive hydration clinic
- use 1 to 2 times per week, results in hydrated silky glossy hair with elasticity.

[Recommended for]
1. Burnt, Melted, severely damaged hair
2. Dry and frizzy hair prone to hair static
3. Frequently permed and colored hair
4. Those that considers salon hair clinic too pricey

[How to Use]
- Use after the Wonder Balm.
1. Apply a moderate amount of the formula from scalp to tip, lather, and massage for 50 seconds.
2. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

- Each person may have different effects.
- All purchased items from our listings will be shipped from South Korea.

Customer Reviews

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Llegó súper rápido, excelente servicio, recomendado al 100%!!!


This brand of haircare is from HEAVEN!!! My hair is so soft and shiny I'm in a state of shock. I usually wash my hair every day, it remains silky soft. I've been using the entire line. It's amazing.

le c.

Works like a charm, but I also use it with other Lador products! My Asian hair is heavily bleached and damaged. My natural hair is also wavy and a bit on the frizzier side too. This did help. You just need to also use the pore up hair filler as well and serum when you dry your hair.