[LAKA] Wild Brow Shaper (3 Types) 9g

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  • Shape and tame your brows with this brow gel that strongly defines and holds brow hairs in place. Apply the gel in upward strokes for a neat and well-groomed brow look. Comes in three versions: Strong (transparent), Volume (black tint) and Balance (brown tint).
  • #STRONG : Transparent Formula. As clear and neat as your natural eyebrows! A perfect wild brow with a clear and powerful transparent formula. Powerful fixing. Those who want a clear, minimalist and neat impression.
  • #VOLUME : Black Formula. The texture is clear, and the eyebrows are thick and rich! A bold wild brow with a clean and deep black formula. Natural fixing. Those who want a deep, clear and deep impression.
  • #BALANCE : Brown Formula. A soft impression with a delicately used texture! A soft wild brow with a dense, natural brown formula. Natural Fixing. Those who want a clear and soft impression.

Apply the gel in short upward strokes in the direction of hair growth.

Each person may have different effects.
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Definitely would repurchase!

Oh wow, I can't believe how much I actually love this product. I use it every single time I put make up on. It keeps your brows in place, and gives them a fuller, fluffier look!