[LAKA] Wild Brow Shaper (3 Types) 9g

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  • Shape and tame your brows with this brow gel that strongly defines and holds brow hairs in place. Apply the gel in upward strokes for a neat and well-groomed brow look. Comes in three versions: Strong (transparent), Volume (black tint) and Balance (brown tint).
  • #STRONG : Transparent Formula. As clear and neat as your natural eyebrows! A perfect wild brow with a clear and powerful transparent formula. Powerful fixing. Those who want a clear, minimalist and neat impression.
  • #VOLUME : Black Formula. The texture is clear, and the eyebrows are thick and rich! A bold wild brow with a clean and deep black formula. Natural fixing. Those who want a deep, clear and deep impression.
  • #BALANCE : Brown Formula. A soft impression with a delicately used texture! A soft wild brow with a dense, natural brown formula. Natural Fixing. Those who want a clear and soft impression.

Apply the gel in short upward strokes in the direction of hair growth.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marina G.

It’s super brow shaper

Jessica J.

I bought this to use as a fixer without using brow makeup, and it looks natural. If you have large or dark eyebrows, I recommend the transparent color.

Annalise S.

I think it definitely has more holding power than other shapers! It's good if you apply it well and adjust the amount well!

Devon H.

It has good holding power, so it's great for enhancing eyebrow texture!!
I like the color of the product and I use it every day.

Isabelle C.

It is easy to use and sets the eyebrow texture as desired.