[LANEIGE] Lip Sleeping Mask EX 20g (Apple Lime | Grapefruit | Berry | Mint Choco)

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#Exfoliate lips overnight
#Chewy tight lip

Lip sleeping mask that gently melts away dead skin cells from the lips to make the lips feel smooth and elastic
Recommended for

  • Concern about dry chapped lips
  • To avoid the hassle of wearing lip balm
  • Wear lip makeup frequently

SECRET 1.Berry Mix Complex™ full of anti-oxidants
SECRET 2.LANEIGE’s patented moisture technology, Moisture Wrap™
SECRET 3.Four different scents of Lip Sleeping Mask


STEP 1.Before going to bed at night, apply an adequate amount on the lips using the built-in spatula.
※ Effects: Melts out stubborn dead skin cells from the lips overnight, provides abundant moisture to the lips.

STEP 2.The next morning, gently wipe the lips clean with tissue or cotton pad.
※ Effects: Makes the lips feel smooth and elastic.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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If someone told me I could only bring one cosmetic product to a desert island, it would be this--I need this like I need water--my lips love this product. I don't know how many "jars" I have finished of this Berry mask.