[LANEIGE] Phyto-Betaine Hydrating & Oil Control Ampoule 50ml

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It is a milky-white ampoule that is light and thin and absorbs well.
After being absorbed along with the adhesion, you can use both dry and troubled skin with a soft, non-sticky texture.
It contains the efficacy of phyto-betane, which has 210% higher moisture retention than general amino acids (taurine).

It contains high content of beta-in and vegetable oil Squalane, which are moisturizing ingredients, so it fills the skin with essential moisture to prevent excessive sebum.
It is an ampoule with a soft, non-sticky texture after being absorbed with absorption, finish, and the desired adhesion of the dry skin.
It is an ampoule that moisturizes the skin, improves the texture of the skin smoothly, and balances the most important thing.

After washing your face, arrange the skin texture with a toner, remove an appropriate amount, apply it smoothly along the skin texture, and absorb it.

Each person may have different effects.
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