[MACQUEEN New York] My Strong Auto Eyebrow (3 Colors)

$14.00 $17.00


  • Powder Formula developed for natural eyebrows is subtly colored with a compacted special processing texture, easily expressed in desired concentrations.
  • Designed with a hexagonal seam optimized for eyebrow drawing, a brow that allows beginners to easily do professional makeup in the shape they want. Rigid but minimal irritation texture minimizes the stimulation of the hard Formula and smoothes the coloration!
  • Hard powder ingredients catch the oil so that it doesn't get erased easily or smudged, so it sticks to the skin from morning to evening! Specialized hypoallergenic brush to evenly organize eyebrows and complete the finish!


1. Fill in the empty areas of the eyebrows with a wide, wide side and fill in the entire eyebrow area.
2. Precisely outline the desired eyebrows with the detail side, and sharply draw the eyebrow rings.
3. Comb with a specially designed soft screw brush for a natural finish.

Each person may have different effects.
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