[make p:rem] Inteca Soothing Cream 80ml

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  • A soothing cream offers ‘rocket soothing’ effect, calms your irritated skin immediately.
  • Infused with nano-sized Inteca, effectively penetrates deep below our skin layer.
  • Helps restore damaged skin with moisturizing effect.
  • Features moisturizing creamy texture with quick absorption on skin.
  • Passed Skin Irritation Test and EVE Vegan proved formula.

1. After facial cleansing and basic skincare, apply a moderate amount on the entire face.
2. Gently dab for better absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I have somewhat sensitive acne prone skin. Middle aged female. No active blemishes or irritation at time of using this product. I also did not experience any irritation at all.
The cream has virtually no scent and is not a true cream in my opinion, but more like a cream gel. It did not seem to be overly emollient and my skin felt just ok after applying. It soaks in pretty well and it was fine under makeup. I did not feel that it was overly hydrating or oily.

by e.

Cica is my favorite to soothe my skin when it is irritated. This cream is easy to apply, has no scent and works.

Best product I have used so far!!

My biggest concern (and same reason why it's hard for me to find a product that works for me) is my sensitive, red skin. Also, I have combination skin so I can't use oil base products nor too thick cream base. But if I use water-base products my skin feels dry towards the afternoon. But this product leaves my skin hydrated all day long and gets rid of my redness. It works so well that I am loving how my skin looks now. People have complimented me and wonders if I have gotten laser treatments. But honestly, when I first bought this product I didn't have much expectation. I was just looking for a mild water-base product for hydration. However, the result was so amazing I really think anybody and everybody should try it. I have used products that are far more expensive this and saw less results. It's worth every penny and this is my second time buying it.