[Manyo Factory] Galactomy Niacin Essence 50ml

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Multifunctional, highly concentrated ampoule (97% Galactomyces Ferment) — Delivers intensive care to the skin with its special ingredients. Unique blend of fermented galactomyces and niacin amide fully enhances the skin's texture and complexion by nourishing the skin's deep layers— promoting clearer skin the more that it is used.

Evens skin tone, fights pigmentation of various kinds, moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. Cruelty free, Safe for all Skin Types — ZERO chemicals, PEGs and synthetic oils.

Galactomyces — Intensively moisturizes skin, increases its immunity and protects skin from harmful exposure. Niancinamide— AKA Vitamin B3, treats more stubborn or lingering concerns like large pores, wrinkles, post-breakout marks, and uneven skin tone. Vitamin C & antioxidants— Help improve skin texture, hydration, and help skin defend its surface from free-radical damage.

1.11 Million Units sold (2012~2020). Known for Soothing Irritated Skin, enhancing visible radiance, brightness and even out skin’s tone. Manufactured and imported directly from Korea.

After toning, take an ample amount and evenly apply along facial contour. Then, lightly tap with fingers to fully absorb into the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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