[Manyo Factory] Heather Calming Essence Pad 265ml 60EA

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[DESCRIPTION] ma nyo ma:nyo
  • Quick soothing care for sensitive skin, weakly acidic soothing pad. Soft and fluffy 7-ply compressed cotton pad.
  • Soothing effect by 7 stimulation situations proven by testing (physical stimulation, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, rapid temperature difference, dry situation, mask friction, heat stimulation inside the mask)
  • Completed acne-prone skin suitability test. Sensitive skin irritation test completed. Skin hypoallergenic test completed.
  • Full of customized soothing ingredients for comfortable skin. (Patented calming ingredient ALGAENIA, chrysanthemum flower extract that adds vitality, lily-derived moisturizing soothing ingredient, Liliyst)
  • The mysterious herb, heather extract, which has excellent soothing effects, quickly soothes the skin irritated by various causes.

After cleansing, in the first step of skin care, gently wipe along the skin texture, then tap lightly to absorb.

*TIP. After splitting a thick pad in half thinly, place it on the affected area such as the cheeks or forehead for about 5 minutes, it is more effective for rapid soothing!

Each person may have different effects.
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Good for sensitive skin

I love how my skin looks after. I can feel my skin so clean and refreshed.