[Mary&May] Daily Safe Blackhead Clear Nose Mask Pack Set

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  • Mary & May Daily Safe Blackhead Clear Nose Pack gently melt the blackheads away for 10 minutes!
  • Daily Safe Blackhead Clear Nose Pack is certified for vegan, selects only non-irritating EWG green-grade ingredients such as witch hazel and white willow bark extract to gently dissolve dead skin cells and blackheads to discharge waste out of the pores.
  • After removing blackheads, centella asiatica, houttuynia cordata, and tea tree extracts soothe pores and use active ingredients generously to tighten pores and give elasticity to fundamentally reduce blackheads.
  • Step 1 Safe Blackhead Clear Mask: Using a mild natural ingredient that thoroughly excludes harmful ingredients, gently melt the blackheads and release blackheads out of the pores without skin damage.
  • Step 2 Soothing Pore Tightening Mask: The generously added skin soothing and elasticity ingredients soothe pores and tighten them.
  • Gently melts hardened blackheads in pores and removes the softened blackhead out of the pores neatly. And then soothing botanical ingredients soothe pores and reduce tightness.

1. After washing your face, place the Step 1 mask sheet on the area with blackheads for 10-15 minutes to gently dissolve the accumulated sebum inside the pores.
2. Remove the Step 1 mask sheet and wipe the softened sebum from inward with the provided cotton swab.
3. Place the Step 2 mask sheet on for 10 minutes to gently shrink and calm down pores.

Each person may have different effects.
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This product ACTUALLY works. I've never written a product review before, but I have been struggling with blackheads for over a decade and these are the first blackhead strips that make a significant visual difference immediately. Would definitely recommend for those who have oily skin like myself.