[Maxclinic] Refining Truffle Oil Foam 110g

[Maxclinic] Refining Truffle Oil Foam 110g

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[ Description ]

A luxurious deep cleanser melts away all skin impurities and as well as the most stubborn makeup to reveal a balanced, radiant complexion.
Free from harmful ingredients such as Silicone, Parabens and Mineral Oil.
Packed with Fermented Vegetable Oils to nourish and fortify skin's moisture barrier, preventing external aggressors.
Containing Truffle from Italy, its extract with rich collagen to help boost skin elasticity, creating young-looking skin.

[ How To Use ]

1. Take 3-4 pumps of the formula onto the palms of dry hands.

2. Smooth to your face and massage gently.

3. Lather cleansing oil with several drops of water, then rinse thoroughly.