[me.factory] Soft Finish Mint Powder Pact 9g

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Are you still struggling with oiliness and skin tone?
Now solve your skin problems with Mint Pact!
Covers oiliness and redness for bright care.

Skin tone corrector that hides redness
- Lightly tap on reddened skin to create a clear and even skin tone

Fine clear powder particles adhere thinly and evenly to cover redness and make it soft without worrying about greasiness, lifting or clumping.

Apply powder on the bangs and the crown of the head and lightly brush it to remove the oiliness and make your hair fresh.

[How to use]
1. At the last step of skincare, touch lightly on whole face or T-zone with puff.
2. You can use it anytime you think your face is oily.

Each person may have different effects.
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