[MEDI-PEEL] A.C Tea Clear 50ml

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A.C Tea Clear, a local anti-inflammation stick, will help to delicately but effectively fight acne and other skin rashes, making the face more uniform and smooth.
The unique product contains 60% Tea Tree Hydrolate and 40% active ingredients to soothe the skin. Thanks to this composition, the product carefully cares for the site of inflammation, effectively reducing painful sensations and redness, active substances penetrate deep into the skin, regulating the production of sebum, strengthening its barrier and revitalizing the skin from the inside.
Tea tree leaf hydrolate (600,000ppm) has the most powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects, effectively treats any inflammation and irritation, instantly eliminating redness and itching. Due to its properties, the tea tree is actively used in the care of problem skin. Helps to restore and improve the protective functions of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing its cover.

[How to use]
Apply the product to the problem skin area using the applicator.

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