[MediAnswer] Collagen Cream Milk 170ml

$47.90 $57.00

Contains 67% high content collagen extract! A rich, milk-type, highly moisturizing collagen toner that looks like cream

Triple care with one bottle of elasticity, moisture, and soothing! With 67% of collagen extract, this elastic moisturizing skin fills not only moisture but also elasticity, and provides healthy skin care with nutrients necessary for the skin.

As thick as cream! Soft creamy texture filled with collagen : The moist and thick milky texture gently wraps the skin, and the formula penetrates thinly into the skin, allowing you to use it comfortably without feeling stuffy even after multiple layers.

Good moisture! 5 additives free. Mild Formula. Complete skin irritation test.

At the morning and evening toner application stage, take an appropriate amount on your hands, spread it gently, and pat lightly for absorption. (If you layer it 2-3 times, you can get more moisturizing care.)

Each person may have different effects.
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